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USB Via Network

USB Via Network

USB Via Network allows you to work with the remote USB devices over a local network or Internet as if they were connected directly to your local PC.

It's very convenient when you have to share some USB devices among several users.


Mike, Tom and Jerry need to work with expensive and massive USB from time to time.

The USB is plugged into Mike's PC. And every time when Tom or Jerry needs to work with this USB, they occupy Mike's computer and keep him from doing his job.

To resolve this problem USB via Network Server was installed on Mike's PC. And USB Via Network Client was installed on both Tom and Jerry computers.

Mike shared USB for common use. As soon as Tom or Jerry needs to work with the USB, they can access it remotely, using USB over Network Client. They work as if the USB was connected directly to their local computers.

Supporting Devices

Office Devices:

USB Printer
USB Scanner
USB FAX Machine
USB Multi Functional Printer
USB Barcode Scanner
USB Check Reader

Connectivity Devices:

USB Infrared
USB Bluetooth
USB Modem
USB to Serial Adapter

Security Devices:

USB Dongle
USB Fingerprint Reader

Special Equipment:

USB Oscilloscope
USB Scales

Storage Devices:

USB Flash Drive
USB Card Reader
USB Hard Disk Drive

Multimedia devices:

USB Digital Camera
USB Digital Video Camera
IPods and MP3 players
USB Microphone
USB Speaker
USB Headset