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Gholographics Company


Gholographic Company offers Pocket Illuminance Meter offers accurate and easy measurement of is a useful pocket device applied in gymnasium, square, office, factory and station hall, ect, and meets the international standards.


  1. Measuring range: 0.2lx~200lx/2klx/20klx/200klx
  2. Accuracy : Class 1 (according to JJG211-2005)
  3. 4 digit LCD display
  4. Robust and footprint design
  5. Power source: single 9v battery
  6. Low power consumption and low battery indicating
  7. Display inferval rate: >3 readings/s
  8. Dimension: 65mm x 30mm x 24mm
  9. Weight : 150g
  10. Power consumption :80mw

Standard luminance source : GHSLS-5000

STANDARD LUMINANCE SOURCE integrates inside the high-stability linear DC power supply, integrating sphere, luminance preset unit, and luminance display unit. It is used to calibrate the luminance.


  1. Luminance range:0-10000cd/m2(continuously adjustable, or on request)
  2. Color temperature: 2856K - 25K
  3. Luminance uniformity : 1%
  4. Aperture: 40mm(or on request)
  5. Luminance uncertainty:3% (can be better if calibrated by higher standard)
  6. luminance stability: 0.2%
  7. Accuracy of the voltage meter and current meter: (0.03%reading+0.01%range+1digit)
  8. Standard Illuminance Source can be offered on customer requirements