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Gholographics Company



Gholographic Company has extensive experience with nearly every kind of optical system, including instrumentation, astronomical, illumination, night-vision, infrared, eyepieces, Architectural Lighting, Automotive, medical, solar industry and more. Let our expertise solve your design needs quickly and efficiently.

Application Industry :

Automotive (Headlamps / Reflector / Illumination Profile)

Biomedical Optics (Tissue Optics / Fluorescence)

Light Guide / Light Pipe

Diffuser property Analysis

Aerospace & Defence Projects

General Lighting ( 2" X 2" Illumination)

Fresnel Lens / CPC / Diffrraction Grating / Freeform Optics / Aspheric Surface & lens

Photorealistic Rendering

Design Capablities :

Design and develop illumination systems and solutions for LED based lamps and luminaires

Free-form optics design

Manufacturing methods of optical components such as lenses, reflectors, Mirror etc

Provide optical simulations of existing and new LED based lamps and luminaires that enable customers to quickly integrate these designs in their solutions

Design high efficiency reflector systems for LED lighting applications

Perform photometric and other qualification tests that meet optical, electrical, thermal, and other various standards requirements

Follow applicable standard and regulatory optical performance requirements

Accommodate LED light engines into industrial fixture housing design

Communicate and work with mechanical design team to achieve optimal solution

Develop advanced solutions to maximize efficiency


Think of us as part of your Optical Design team.


Application Industry :