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LED Design Software


Design and analysis of Aerospace and Defense applications requires an opto-mechanical program with the capability to import, merge, build and modify optical and mechanical designs into one complete model.

TracePro gives you this capability with a full system tree, 3D CAD system view, and enough horsepower and analysis capability to model various system performance criteria, including stray light, ghost, and narcissus and thermal emission analysis. If you are trying to achieve the ultimate design performance, TracePro’s ease of use, visualization and analysis capabilities will enable you to find problematic design flaws easily and intuitively.


TracePro was originally written under a NASA SBIR contract to analyze stray light in optical systems in hours instead of weeks. It is renowned in the scientific community for the accuracy of its simulations, which affords aerospace and defense designers the confidence that the performance of finished products will match the simulated design without costly prototype iterations.


From the model, analyze:
• Stray light, narcissus, ghost and thermal effects
• 2D &3D irradiance on any surface, planar and curved
• Optical efficiency, luminance and radiance metrics
• Ray Path Sorting
• PST calculation
• Baffle and Vane Structure
• Scatter effects