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PCGrate : Diffraction Grating Software

PCGrate®-S(X) : Diffraction Grating Software, designed for exact efficiency modeling of relief & phase diffraction gratings and rough mirrors, combines the brilliant performance of the earlier implementations of PCGrates with the modern Graphical User Interface with 3-D & 2-D Open GL plots and expands noticeably the set of supported features including two different solvers, paralleling, and the capability to calculate data from the command line using XML-format input/output files.

With PCGrate-S(X) software one can simulate rigorously effects of scattering in periodical and non-periodical structures having multilayer micro/nano-roughnesses of various nature, design variable-groove-depth (VGD)   variable-line-spaced (VLS) multi-section gratings, model gratings covered with very thin or/and thick layers having arbitrary profiled borders including real   non-function ones, calculate photonic crystals   aspherical gratings, and work with conical mountings   non-planar incident waves including Gaussian ones as well as with a general polarization state.