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Telecentric Lens

In a telecentric optical system, there is no change in magni?cation when focusing, and magni?cation is constant over working distances. Thus movement of an object does not change magni?cation. Therefore, it is suitable for measuring objects with high accuracy.

In a telecentric optical system, the chief rays are parallel to the optical axis. As a result, the aperture becomes greater as the magni?cation is ?xed by focusing the rays. Therefore, its F-number tends to be bigger, in comparison with that of megapixel lenses.

    Application examples
  • Surface inspection of silicon wafers
  • Image defect inspections
  • Inspection of dirt on prisms and glass circuit boards
  • Measurement of thread pitches
  • Reading 2D codes

Model No.

Focal length (mm)


Image size (mm)

2/3" (Φ8)

Iris range (F-stop)

F2.8 ~ Close


0.5× ~ 1.0×

Distortion (TV)




Size (mm)