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Gholographics Company

Uniform Lightning

Uniform lightning provides even illumination in a concentrated area. Well-placed LED lights can create shadows and glare, allowing the vision sensor to detect the presence or absence of a feature.


  1. Illuminates specific surface angles
  2. Avoids glare of reflective surfaces when directed at an angle away from lens
  3. Lights distances greater than 12 inches
  4. Standard lights: Available in 62 x 62 mm, 70 x 70 mm, or 80 x 80 mm light sizes with 24V dc supply voltage
  5. Specialty lights: Available in 100 x 100 mm diameter light size with 12 or 24V dc supply voltage
  6. Offers choice of models with infrared or visible red, white, blue or green lights, and with continuous or strobed operation
  7. Offers useful life of 10,000 to 60,000 hours, depending on model

Area of application

  1. Homogeneous or Straightened light
  2. Mounting, Type and Location detection
  3. Surfaces check
  4. Imprint check
  5. OCR/OCV