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Gholographics Company

Laser Cutting Head

Laser Cutting Head with Water/Air Cooled



Maximum Power
Laser Wavelength
Fiber or YAG Laser 1064nm, CO2 Laser 10.6um, or 532nm and 355nm
Focal lens Cooling
Water or Air Cooled
Proper alignment of optics after working distance adjusted
+/- 0.1mm
Working distance adjustable range
0mm-42mm (not the working distance but the adjustable range)
Mirror Diameter
Input Diameters
24mm maximum
Mirror tilt angle
Adjustable,+/- 3degree
Focal length
Specified by clients


• It has a reflect mirror with diameter of 38.1mm and coating’s reflection more than 99.5%. 
• It has mount for reflect mirror. The input beam diameter maximum is 24mm.
• The titled degree of the mirror could be adjusted with four adjusting screws.
• It has the Focal lens with different focal length, such as 50.8mm and 63.5mm, which can be selected by clients. and the working distance could be adjusted by the guider.
• It has the holder for focal lens with WATER or AIR COOLED device. The device has the water/air input and output connectors. You just need insert the pipe into the connectors.
• It has the linear guider with high precision. 
• The Working Distance of the focal length could be adjusted by the screw pole.




Nozzles are traditionally very difficult and expensive to manufacture due to the very long tapered bore.

Advantages of the use of copper cutting nozzles: