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Gholographics Company


Gholographic Company can offers Goniophotometer that can measure almost all types of light sources and luminaires including various kinds of lamps, LED luminaires, indoor and outdoor luminaires,and flood lights. It can achieve CIE A, CIE B, CIE C solutions with different software.


Goniophotometer rotates the tested light source in the prescribed burning position around the vertical axis and a reflecting mirror rotates around the horizontal axis(Main axis). A auxiliary axis will rotate toward the opposite direction simultaneously. The combined motion of the luminaire and mirror permit luminous measurement at the direction of any horizontal or vertical angle without tilting the luminare and without disturbing the luminous intensity during measurement.The photometer head is located at a fixed position of the limiting photometric distance in front of the reflecting mirror to gather the light in each direction.

Powerful measuring functions

Luminous intensity data, luminous intensity distribution curve, efficient luminescence angle, spread angle, zonal luminous flux, luminaires efficiency, total luminous flux, upper luminous flux, lower luminous flux, available average illuminance curve, coefficient of utilization, luminance limitation curves, glare, maximum ratio of distance to height, iso-Illuminance diagrams, curves of luminaires vs lighting area, Isocandela diagrams etc.



  1. Accuracy of photometer head: Class L, f1'<1.5%/Class A, f1'<3.0% (on request)
  2. The detecting ability of photometer: 110-5/110-4 /110-3lx / 0.01lx. (on request)
  3. Measuring Range of illuminance: 110-5/110-4 /0.001~20klx / 200klx (on request)
  4. Measuring range of the luminous intensitydepended on the measuring distance Angle

C angle:

  1. Rotation range0~36
  2. Angle accuracy0.1
  3. Angle control resolution0.001

¦ angle:

  1. Rotation range-180~+180
  2. Angle accuracy0.1
  3. Angle control resolution0.001


Test of lighting devices for development, quality control, and regulation fulfillment for certifying laboratories, automotive and automotive lighting industry, traffic signal, bus, train, ship, and aircraft lighting test houses.


  1. Goniophotometer for measurement of headlamps and other lighting equipment
  2. Angular resolution 0.01


  1. Stable high precision mechanic parts
  2. Horizontal and vertical turning axis
  3. AC motor drives with seven speeds in both axis
  4. Absolute angle encoders with 0.01 accuracy in both axis
  5. Horizontal mounting table for test samples
  6. Table motoric adjustable in three directions, controlled manually or by computer (option)
  7. Maximum sample dimensions 1000 mm x 900 mm
  8. Maximum sample weight 35 kg
  9. Built-in adjustment laser
  10. Safe operation by safety clutch and controls


  1. Accuracy class L (highest accuracy) /class A(standard accuracy)
  2. Highest precision system-photometer head, thermostated, with built-in amplifier
  3. Tube for stray light reduction
  4. Tripod or wall mounting device

Measurement and Control Unit

  1. Digital display of photometric values, angles, and rotation speeds with devices for manual control, remote control, safety controls, test circuits, computer coupling with RS-232 Bus Interface.
  2. Display of retro-reflective and colorimetric properties (optional)


Single Axis Goniophotometer used to measure the luminous intensity distribution curve, intensity data, spread angle and equivalent luminous flux of the small luminaires. Low cost and simple operations.


  1. Measure luminous intensity distribution curve and data
  2. Measure the spread angle of light beam
  3. Measure equivalent luminous flux
  4. Measure electrical parameters equipped with Digital Power Meter
  5. Rotation range around horizontal axis
  6. Scan step: 0.1
  7. Accuracy of angle: 0.05
  8. Class A photometer head