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Gholographics Company


Gholographic Company can provide stock as well as custom made “Laser Goggles?in various size within broad wavelength band form UV to IR Range. These safety eye wear can use in various industry such as Hospital, laser industry, research lab , laser operation as well operation for skin protection.

Our eye is very sensitive part of body. One cannot judge the effect of laser in his eyes within few month but stray light of laser will slowly slowly damage Retina. Our Laser goggles help in preventing stray light to enter our eyes.

Near-IR lasers, 760 - 1400 nm, present special hazards. These wavelengths are in the retinal hazard region, but they are invisible. Thus stray beams and reflections cannot be seen, and might be detected only as the result of an injury. Many serious retinal injuries have been caused by accidental exposure to near-IR laser beams.

What factors should be considered when selecting specific eyewear?