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Coaxial Lightning

Coaxial vision lighting provides even, diffused illumination for flat, reflective surfaces. A beam splitter directs the light rays along the same axis as the camera lens. Reflective surfaces perpendicular to the camera appear bright. Surfaces at an angle to the camera and non-reflective surfaces appear dark.

Because of the extreme diffuse and vertical mirrored light the coaxial incident lights constitute a consistent and shadowless illumination of objects. So surfaces are bright and defects are dark. Therefore coaxial incident lights are used for surface checks, imprint checks and completeness checks on very reflecting surfaces. Coaxial incident lights work at a small operating distance.

Area of application

  1. Checking intense reflecting surfaces
  2. Mounting-, type- and location detection
  3. Surface check
  4. Imprint check
  5. OCR/OCV