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Gholographics Company

Optical Design Training

Gholographic Company organize training four times a year in field of optics, laser, LEDs, Projector, illumination system such as traffic light, LCD back lightning, image simulation, laser marking/cutting system, ocular lenses, telescope design etc.

we already conducted many public Training at Delhi, Bangalore, Pune, Kota and Ahmedabad as well as at IIT Delhi.

As apart from Public course, we come up with Customized or Private course. Some company has more than 2 users of Software; to sent all the employee and afford for accommodation and air fares, we come up with Customized Solution. In this Customized course, Syllabus is mutual decided by User. Its only company application oriented.

Customized course is not user Limited (No Limit on Number of Participant); any number of employee from same company can utilize benefit of Training. Save Travelling Time & Accomodation Cost.

Upcoming Training
Optical System Design & Illumination Analysis Course.
14-15 October 2013
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Frequently Asked Question (FAQ):

This course is for new user who only knows little about Optics/Illumination System Designing. We like to answer some general question which everyone likes to know.

Software is only for lens design?

No it is not only for lens design. It is very well used in designing of Illumination & Imaging System.

TracePro is the award-winning software of Lambda Research Corporation, USA for Optics Desin & illumination Analysis, illumination analysis, LCD backlight design, Display, OLED, Scattering analysis, optical system analysis, stray light analysis, baffle design for stray light suppression in telescopes and other optical systems, and analysis of many other types of optical systems and illumination systems.

Is Computer provided during training?

No. Participant need to bring there own Laptop. By this they can collect training material & discussion point during training in there own computer.

In term of Knowledge benefit; what attendee gets in last?

Having Hand-On Experience on Designing Optical Component for machinery and Research Application. Optical Design Software use all three days to analyze system performance.

Who can attend course?

Student, Researcher, Technician, Engineer and person who is interested to learn more on designing system by using software which save effort, time and cost.

Basic Knowledge of Optics needed?

No, Even mechanical & Electrical Engineer also uses Optical Design Software very easily.

How long is this course?

Its Three day course to make familiar and explain easiest approach to do design. If need deep detail; we also offer 5 days course.

What is Benefit by this course?

This course will cover topic related to latest emerging technology such as LED, SOLAR, Infrared Imaging (Camera used to detect H1N1), Micro Lens Design, Laser Industry (Marking and Cutting) and Ophthalmic Industry.