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Ring Lightning

Ring lights are suited for consistent illumination of flat, diffuse or reflective surfaces. The lighting is affixed directly on the camera or on the lens. By using diffusers, Fresnel lenses and polarization filters, test objects can be illuminated in a focused or in a diffuse way - even at a larger operating distance.

A ring light provides diffused illumination over a small area. With the lens axis through the center opening of the ring light assembly, the ring light illuminates the area directly in front of the camera.


  1. Brightly illuminates small objects
  2. Reduces shadows on images with protrusions
  3. Centers the light on the image
  4. Offers choice of models with infrared or visible red, white, blue, or green lights

Area of application

  1. Homogeneous or focused light
  2. Mounting, Type and Location detection
  3. Imprint check
  4. OCR/OCV
  5. Inspect PCB baseplate
  6. Inspect IC component
  7. LC amendation
  8. Inspect plastic container Used to be illumination on microscopes
  9. Inspect characters printed on integrated circuit.