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Gholographics Company

Spot Lightning

High Power LED Spot lights are especially compact, powerful and are characterized by high-powered luminosity. Because of their focused and very homogeneous light, spots can illuminate very small surfaces directly and focused. Their compact design allows an optional adjustment around the testing object.


  1. Illuminates a large area with an even pattern and no shadows
  2. Low-cost, washdown spot light for Banner and other vision systems
  3. Models available in rugged sealed housing rated to IP69K
  4. Different lens options, depending on model to vary spot size; different colors available as well
  5. Continuous or strobed operation; selectable Active High or Active Low strobe option, depending on wiring

Area of application

  1. Mark point locating
  2. Inspection of chips
  3. Wafers and LCD glass substrate
  4. Image scanning
  5. Inspection of scratches surface
  6. Inspection of LCD board
  7. Very bright focused illumination