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Gholographics Company

About Gholographics

Gholographic Company , headquartered in India, has its own facilities for R&D, Manufacturing, Sales and Marketing. It has got Excellent Customer Support. Management team comprises of highly qualified and experienced individuals with diverse but coherent background; from business administration to cutting edge technology. All the strategic decisions are taken collectively under the dynamic leadership of our Managing Director.

It is a Business-to-Business company that specializes in Optics, Mechanical Mounts, Optical Software(Trace Pro, OSLO, Optiwave, PCGrate, LASCAD, TFCal) and supply of different kind of holograms. We have evolved from the basic of R&D to marketing with progressive units of manufacturing and exports,a complete global provider.

We Provides Training and Consultancy on Desiging of Optical System, suggest best optical compenent for Research and Industry.

We are your one-stop total solution for Science and Technology

We can act as a virtual employee to businesses in need of optical design services for product designs that utilize optics of some sort. We can also perform analysis or tolerancing of existing designs. We utilize our education and experience as well as a variety of design tools to design superior optics and optical systems.

Look to Gholographic Company to develop custom software related to optics, imaging, or highly complex or numeric applications. We have much experience developing applications for stand-alone or for driving equipment. Our software is commercial quality and we have many applications that have been running in the field for many years without incident.

Gholographic Company is able to develop custom turn-key metrology equipment from a need to measure some product attribute. We can suggest alternatives, provide proof-of-concept, design, build, test, deliver and support the equipment. We have many such systems in the field and in use by our customers. Quantities can range from one to many.

As Researcher, Scientist or Technician in the field of optics or light imaging, look to Gholographic Company for consultation on any aspect of optics that you need. Chances are, we have direct experience, have familiarity with, know an expert in the area, or can apply our closely related skills and knowledge to the task to get it done.

Not only in Light or Optics but we have expertise in Solar, Bio-Medical, Holography etc.

If you looking for any Training, Consultation and any type of support (such as making prototype) provide us chance to serve you best.