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Gholographics Company


GHC-2000XYZ is a tri-stimulus detector based photocolorimeter, and the spectral sensitivity curves of the three detectors of GHC-2000XYZ accurately comply with CIE ,and the tri-stimulus values can be measured directly. It can quickly measure and display the chromaticity coordinate, color temperature, luminous flux (equipped with integrating sphere) and illuminance (optional) of various lamps, luminaires and other light sources.


  1. Measuring color temperature (Tc), luminous flux, chromaticity coordinate, tri-stimulus value, color difference and illuminance (optional).
  2. Pre-amplified colorimeter detector, which increases the measurement sensitive and accurate.
  3. LCD display
  4. RS232 inferface and PC software
  5. Accuracy of (x,y): 0.005 (under NIM traceable illuminant A)
  6. Resolution of (x,y): 0.001
  7. Range of Tc: 1,500K~25,000K
  8. Illuminance rang (optional): 1.0 lx~100000 lx
  9. Photometry accuracy: Class 1
  10. Photometry repeatability and linearity: 0.3%